Christopher Sabec

Christopher Sabec is an experienced entertainment industry executive, entrepreneur, and attorney with more than 24 years of business management experience, 19 years of global entertainment industry experience, and 14 years digital media experience. He is well established in the domestic and international entertainment communities, having traveled and conducted business in 30 countries on 5 continents. He has over 16 years P&L responsibility.

Christopher moved to Richmond, Virginia in 1993. His first night in Richmond, he went to his local club to catch a band that he had been told about, The Dave Matthews Band. Christopher brought his portable DAT player with the intentions of patching it into the soundboard to get a tape from the show for his friend. When Christopher got to the show, he asked the sound man if he could plug in. The sound man said it would be no problem as long as the bandleader, Dave Matthews, said it was okay. A few minutes later, Dave Matthews came out and Christopher introduced himself and gave Dave his card. Dave said Christopher could tape the show as long as he sent him a copy. Christopher agreed, taped the show, sent him a copy, and wrote Dave a note asking him to give him a call next time he was in town. About a week later, Dave called and invited Christopher to dinner. During dinner, they talked about the music industry, music in general, and Dave Matthews’ dreams of making music for a living. Dave told Christopher that he was presented with a management contract, but he needed a lawyer to check over the contract to make sure everything was okay. He asked Christopher whether he was interested in representing him. Christopher saw his potential, and immediately jumped at the opportunity.

After this conversation with Dave Matthews, Christopher Sabec connected the dots in his head: Music contracts, music lawyer, Bertis Downs (Manager and Legal Advisor of R.E.M). He was in awe that night driving back from dinner at the possibility of meshing his love for music with his career as an attorney. It was then that Christopher decided to throw himself full bore into realizing that potential. The next day, Christopher called Bertis, explained his situation, and asked if he had any advice – he was happy to oblige. Bertis sent Christopher a pile of books via overnight mail, and he got right to work reading and learning all that he could about the law and business of the entertainment industry. Bertis also Introduced Christopher to Marty Silfen, a sage of lawyer who was the Director of the Practicing Law institute’s program on Entertainment law. Marty became a mentor to Christopher and walked him through his first couple of contracts. In addition, he referred Christopher to countless entertainment attorneys and music professionals.

Here Christopher Sabec’s career was born as an entertainment lawyer and music manager.

Christopher Sabec: Entertainment Lawyer

Christopher Sabec was previously CEO of the Jerry Garcia Estate LLC, where he grew revenues by more than 600% over a two-year period by developing line extensions and brand licensing deals. He discovered and managed Hanson, selling more than 15 million records worldwide with extensive licensing and merchandising, and was the Dave Matthews Band’ first entertainment attorney and instrumental in signing Dave to RCA. He previously served as EVP of Business Affairs for a digital media startup.

Mr. Sabec has lectured at Stanford University and UC-Berkeley Law Schools. Mr. Sabec has participated in 7 South by Southwest Music Conferences, 4 MIDEM Publishing Conferences, 3 Sundance Film Festivals, and 2 Cannes Film Festivals. In 1992, he received a Juris Doctor (cum laude) from University of Georgia School of Law and in 1988, received a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service.